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if (true == true) ....... "f" When you're finished, hit Enter to create a blank line, then hit Ctrl-V again to exit multiline mode. The console will now evaluate your statement and return a result. " [ 31 ] Writing Your First Lines of CoffeeScript You've probably noticed another omission by now: curly braces.

This also means that it's easy, with a little practice, to understand how the CoffeeScript you are writing will compile into JavaScript. Your JavaScript expertise is still applicable, but you are freed from the tedious parts of the language. You should understand how the generated JavaScript will work, but you do not need to actually write the JavaScript. To this end, we'll spend a fair amount of time, especially in this chapter, comparing CoffeeScript code to the compiled JavaScript results. It's like peeking behind the wizard's curtain!

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CoffeeScript Application Development by Ian Young

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