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By Mike Hatfield

ISBN-10: 1783289694

ISBN-13: 9781783289691

Over ninety hands-on recipes that will help you enhance enticing functions utilizing CoffeeScript

About This Book

  • Use CoffeeScript to create and try out purposes and backend services
  • Build purposes utilizing well known frameworks, libraries, and platforms
  • Interface with renowned providers to ship e-mails, textual content messages, and use cloud storage

Who This e-book Is For

If you have an interest in constructing smooth purposes, this ebook may help you leverage the big JavaScript atmosphere whereas utilizing a chic language, assisting you stay away from the shortcomings of JavaScript.

In Detail

CoffeeScript is a JavaScript compiler. CoffeeScript brings many stuff to the desk which are missing in JavaScript itself. This contains a classification and module method, a syntax that's purifier, much less terse, and good dependent, and checklist comprehensions that make operating with collections of knowledge extra stress-free. CoffeeScript can be utilized as not just a device for the net, but in addition as a device for daily DevOps variety projects (for instance, dossier processing, operating with databases, and more).

This sensible advisor features a wide selection of recipes demonstrating how CoffeeScript can be utilized whereas constructing the whole stack of an program. With recipes that variety from effortless and intermediate to complex, there's something the following for somebody seeking to break out the typical pitfalls of JavaScript and boost in a fresh and expressive language.

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In this section, we will investigate some useful ways to work with collections of data using CoffeeScript and its list comprehension feature and various JavaScript methods made available on the array object. Iterating over arrays CoffeeScript provides convenient operators to iterate through collections of data by using loops and comprehensions. log "Employee No. log "Employee No. firstName}" displayEmployee employee for employee in employees How it works... Both of these looping expressions iterate though the array one element at a time, and each of the previous examples produces the same result as can be seen in the following output: Employee Employee Employee Employee Employee No.

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By default, only the first match is returned, which is not what we want in this case. We use the g (global) modifier when we create our RegExp instance, which will return all matching segments as an array. join() function, which will join all of the array elements and separate each one with lineEnding. 24 Chapter 2 To demonstrate the method in action, we call the wrapText() method with some sample text from Homer's Odyssey: homersOdyssey = "He counted his goodly coppers and cauldrons, his gold and all his clothes, but there was nothing missing; still he kept grieving about not being in his own country, and wandered up and down by the shore of the sounding sea bewailing his hard fate.

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