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By Gregory L. Eastwood (auth.), Luis Bustos-Fernández M.D. (eds.)

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The sensible and natural changes of the colon represent one of many major the explanation why sufferers seek advice gastroenterologists. The irritable colon is likely one of the such a lot com­ mon explanations of pain in people. The natural pathology of the massive bowel (malignancy and persistent inflammatory affliction) contributes, fairly between Occi­ dental peoples, to discouragingly excessive degrees of morbidity and mortality. One realizes the significance of getting an intensive physiologic wisdom of the colon to be able to scientifically plan the useful therapy of natural colonic dis­ eases. If we reflect on the massive volume of fabric released at the body structure of the esophagus, belly, small bowel, pancreas, and liver, we notice that the colon has been quite overlooked. The chapters during this publication were written via those who have performed their utmost to change this imbalance. i would like to thank all of the individuals for his or her beneficiant collaboration that permits me to give in a single quantity nearly all of the info identified in regards to the constitution and serve as of the colon, and to checklist my deep graditude to Dr. Howard Spiro for his willingness to incorporate this quantity in his sequence. i'd additionally prefer to convey my honest appreciation to Plenum Publishing company for making this ebook attainable. A spe­ cial thank you is going to Dr.

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16 Molecular sieving by the colon was shifted in the direction of small molecules, as compared with the ileum and jejunum. C. Transepithelial Potential Difference The functional consequence of active absorption of sodium ions and limited passive backflow of Na is a large spontaneous potential difference (PD) across colonic epithelium. Thus, the healthy human colon has a transepithelial PD of 30--40 ABSORPTION AND SECRETION OF ELECTROLYTES 21 mV,l7,IS with the mucosa negative, relative to blood or serosa.

Using these estimates, the capacity of the healthy colon to absorb water and electrolytes is shown in Fig. 4. B. Colonic Absorptive Capacity Given these basal values for colonic absorption, a logical extension is to ask what the colon can accomplish under stress. By infusing into the cecum an isotonic electrolyte solution that stimulates the composition of fasting ileal contents it is possible to determine the threshold at which the colon "overflows" and fecal volume increases. A daily load of 2 liters of isotonic saline did not increase stool weight, whereas a load of 4 liters induced mild diarrhea.

21. Brown HO, Lavine ML, Lipkin M: Inhibition of intestinal epithelial cell renewal and migration induced by starvation. Am J Physiol 205:868-872, 1963. 22. Aldewachi HS, Wright NA, Appleton DR, et al: The effect of starvation and re-feeding on cell population kinetics in the rat small bowel mucosa. J Anat 119: 105-121, 1975. 23. Altmann GG: Influence of starvation and re-feeding on mucosal size and epithelial renewal in the rat small intestine. Am J Anat 133:391-400, 1972. 24. Mak KM, Chang WWL: Pentagastrin stimulates epithelial cell proliferation in duodenal and colonic crypts in fasted rats.

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