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By Herman H. Rieke and George V. Chilingarian (Eds.)

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Quantitative Geology of Late Jurassic Epicontinental Sediments in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland

The publication summarizes approximately forty years of the author’s learn on sedimentary geology in an epicontinental (shelf) sea throughout the overdue Jurassic in northern Switzerland. It provides a synopsis of the interaction of various paleoclimate, of sea point adaptations, of various water intensity, of sea flooring topography, of vertical and lateral facies alterations, of strategies of sedimentation like aggradation and progradation, of compaction, of the good nearby variations in charges of sedimentation and in isostatic equilibration of the lithosphere lower than load, and of concomitant synsedimentary tectonics.

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Solid circles = in-situ readings; open circles = repeated in-situ readings; solid squares = measurements made on cores by laboratory gamma-ray apparatus. No allowance was made for instrument tower settlement or core shortening. ) depth relationship for the samples measured in the laboratory by Athy. 4 g/cm 3, which was taken by him to be the averqge bulk density of the surface clay. Athy’s bulk density data, if applied to Tertiary sediments, would be questioned on the basis of geologic age and tectonic stress history.

Influence of positive charge on the inter- and intra-crystalline swelling of oriented aggregates of Na montmorillonite in NaCl solutions. , lOO(5): 340-347. W. , 1959. Role of fluid pressure in mechanics of overthrust faulting. 11. Overthrust belt in geosynclinal area of western Wyoming in light of fluid-pressure hypothesis. Bull. Geol. A m . , 70(2): 167-206. , 1933. Subsurface concentration of chloride brines. Bull. A m . Assoc. Pet. Geologists, 17: 1213-1228. , 1950. The effect of base exchange on the engineering properties of soils.

V. Marchig (personal communication, 1971) attributed the enrichment of Ca2+ cations in washed-out solutions partially to the dissolution of carbonates owing to the greater volume of wash water used, or to the lowering of pH values as a result of oxidation of sulfide to sulfate. It is likely that any sulfide present in the sediment samples was oxidized to sulfate by atmospheric oxygen, thereby causing the pH of the interstitial solution to decrease. This results in the dissolution of the carbonates, freeing the Ca2+ cations.

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Compaction of Argillaceous Sediments by Herman H. Rieke and George V. Chilingarian (Eds.)

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