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By Geoff Martz; Adam Robinson; Princeton Review (Firm)

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So, if you are answering mostly upper-medium questions and suddenly see a question that seems too easy, there are two possibilities: a) you are about to fall for a trap, or b) it’s an experimental question and really is easy. That means it can be very difficult for you to judge how you are doing on the section. So, don’t try! Your best strategy is to simply try your best on every question. Remembering that experimental questions are included throughout the section can also help you use your time wisely.

Would Joe be any help to you on the GMAT? You Probably Don’t Think So After all, Joe is wrong as often as he’s right. He knows the answers to the easy questions, but so do you. You’d like to do better than average on the GMAT, and Joe earns only an average score (he’s the average test-taker, remember). All things considered, you’d probably prefer to have someone else for your partner. But Joe might turn out to be a pretty helpful partner, after all. Because his hunches on difficult questions are always wrong, couldn’t you improve your chances on those questions simply by finding out what Joe wanted to pick and then picking something else?

The test itself is taken on computer. It consists of the following: Chapter 2 How to Think About the GMAT If you think the GMAT tests your business knowledge or shows how smart you are, you’re in for a surprise. This chapter will give you a new way to look at the GMAT to guide your studies in the right direction. Are You a Genius Or an Idiot? If you’re like most people, you think that standardized tests measure how smart you are. If you score 800 on the GMAT, you may think of yourself as a genius (and the future manager of a corporate empire).

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