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By Anton Abraham Cense, E.M. Uhlenbeck

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At the final touch of this bibliography, the second one of the deliberate sequence on language examine in Indonesia, the authors recognize with gratitude the type assistance of pop Donatus Dunselman, Dr A. H. Hill and Dr P. Voorhoeve who've learn all or a part of the manuscript. additionally our heartfelt thank you are as a result of those that have supplied us with info necessary for the compilation of the bibliographical facts, or have given us the chance to examine their information for linguistic literature on Borneo, i.e. the very Rev. A. Antonissen, Jesselton, North Borneo, Father W. Boon, Rector of the Catholic venture, Mukah, Sarawak, Dr N. C. Scott, the Society for selling Christian wisdom, London, the British and international Bible Society, London, the college of Oriental and African reviews, London, the Basle project, Basle, Switzerland, the Rhenish undertaking, Wuppertal, Germany, the Dutch Bible Society, Amsterdam. The authors vastly have fun with the supply from the Netherland Institute for foreign Cultural kinfolk which made this public­ ation possible.

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M. KUHR, Schetsen uit Borneo's Westerafdeeling. BKI 46 (1896) p. 63-88, 214-239. Contino BKI 47 (1897) p. 57-82. See p. 223. 41 J. D. FREEMAN, Iban Agriculture, a report on the shifting cultivation of hill rice by the Iban of Sarawak. London 1955. XII 148 pp. + 42 SPENSER ST. JOHN, Life in the forests of the Far East. London 1862. Vol. , vol. II, XVIII 420 pp. + + Wordlists in vol. II, p. 383-420. 43 F. A. SWETTENHAM, Comparative vocabulary of the dialects of some of the wild tribes inhabiting the Malayan Peninsula, Borneo, etc.

DONATUS DUNSELMAN, Kana Sera, zang der zwangerschap. VKI 17 (1955). 284 pp. With ill. and map of the Mualang region and surrounding area. Text of 3067 lines in Mualang with Dutch translation and notes; Remarks on the sound system, p. 17-19. Remark on DIu Malay, p. 56 note 386. 96 P. DONATUS DUNSELMAN, Over de huwelijksadat der MoealangDajaks van West-Borneo. BKI 106 (1950) p. 1-45. Terms of Customary Law and two chants with incantation formulas. On the relationship of the various Dayak groups, p.

Bulungan) dialect which is rather different, perhaps due to stronger Malay influences. The booklet provides beside vocabularies of the dialects mentioned (with a few words of the N onukan and Simbakong dialects) more than one hundred short phrases and a story in both dialects, as well as some brief notes on the grammar. The preface was written by A. A. Fokker, who also added many notes and an appendix concerning phonetical and morphological problems. It is rather striking to observe that the sentences and the stories do not show the great variety of morphological elements which is characteristic for North Borneo M urut.

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