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Thin-walled constructions can be utilized to take in effect power in the course of a automobile collision. Crush Mechanics of Thin-Walled Tubes describes the research and layout of those light-weight components and carefully explains the deformation behaviors of thin-walled hole individuals lower than crushing loading. The publication covers, intimately, thin-walled structures―under axial compression, bending, and torsion. It presents an entire figuring out of the underlying ideas and mechanisms of power absorption parts, comprises research options, and covers latest theoretical ways in addition to the author’s research.

Geared towards engineering scholars, training mechanical and structural engineers, and researchers drawn to examining strength absorption and designing constructions which may endure affects, this book:

  • Addresses axial compression of round and sq. tubes, and bending and torsion of tubes
  • Summarizes the mechanism of cave in and linked calculations for the preliminary height strength and the common compressive force
  • Explores components controlling the axial cave in of a plate
  • Investigates systematically the deformation features of corrugated tubes lower than axial crush
  • Provides an figuring out of the cave in habit of contributors present process bending deformation while attempting to evaluation energy and energy-absorption characteristics
  • Looks on the bending deformation of round and sq. tubes
  • Explains the attribute knocking down phenomenon, the utmost second in bending deformation, and the moment-rotation relation in the course of bending collapse
  • Discusses the cave in habit of thin-walled buildings with an open go part in the course of axial crushing and bending deformation
  • Includes the proposition of a brand new approach for comparing the utmost bending second of sq. tubes with attention of sidewall buckling
  • Proposes a brand new method that may be used to figure out the relation among the bending second M and the rotation perspective θ
  • Presents research tools for predicting the utmost torsion second in each one case

A shelf-worthy reference showcasing structural mechanics, Crush Mechanics of Thin-Walled Tubes presents a easy knowing of the basic thoughts and mechanisms of crushing deformations in thin-walled buildings and serves as a advisor for either instructing and self-study.

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15(a) shows comparisons of axial compressive force and displacement diagram for a tube under different impact velocities of V0 =5, 180 and 360 km/h. The initial peak stress is associated with the initiation of local buckling deformation which occurs near the tube end. Fig. 15(b) shows the initial d peak stress, namely the dynamic buckling stress σbuc , for various impact velocities. Also in Fig. 15(b), quasi-static buckling stress for the tube is shown by a dashed line. It is found from this figure that the buckling stress d σbuc for a lower impact velocity is almost equal to the value of the quasi-static result, and the stress value becomes higher as the impact velocity V0 increases.

11 Prediction of buckling stress in an axially compressed circular tube using Eq. 39). 7(1−Et /E)  E σs Et t t  k 0  + 1−e ≥ x0 E 2R E R σ= where x0 = σs Eε 3(1 − ν 2 ) , E k0 = −22 Et /E σs /E t − x0 R Fig. 11 compares the approximate values of buckling stress from Eq. 39) and from the FEM simulation, σbuc |F EM , for materials obeying the bilinear strain hardening rule. (2) The buckling stress is then predicted for a material that obeys an arbitrary stress-strain relation based on the buckling stress σbuc |F EM data in the material that obeys bilinear strain hardening.

22, it can be seen d that not only the buckling stress σbuc but also the following stress variation for a strain rate sensitive material (solid line) becomes higher than that for a strain rate insensitive material (dotted line). 2 shows the variation of the buckling stress σbuc and the equivalent strain rate ε˙ buc for some cases of impact velocity V0 . 1 Five kinds of materials used in the following investigation. Comb. Comb. Comb. Comb. Comb. 585 7860 206 40 5 7860 206 0 1 2 3 4 3 Comb. 4 Comb.

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