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Within the thousands of confessions in relation to witchcraft and sorcery trials from early smooth Britain we often locate particular descriptions of intimate operating relationships among renowned magical practitioners and well-known spirits of both human or animal shape. until eventually lately historians frequently brushed aside those descriptions as complex fictions created by means of judicial interrogators desirous to locate facts of stereotypical pacts with the satan. even supposing this paradigm is now in many instances wondered, and such a lot historians recognize that there has been a folkloric portion of generic lore within the interval, those ideals and the stories reportedly linked to them, stay considerably unexamined. Cunning-Folk and typical Spirits examines the folkloric roots of primary lore from historic, anthropological and comparative non secular views. It argues that ideals approximately witches’ familiars have been rooted in ideals surrounding using fairy familiars via beneficent magical practitioners or ‘cunning folk’, and corroborates this via a comparative research of ordinary ideals present in conventional local American and Siberian shamanism. the writer explores the experiential size of usual lore by way of drawing parallels among early smooth common encounters and visionary mysticism because it appears to be like in either tribal shamanism and medieval eu contemplative traditions. those views problem the reductionist view of well known magic in early sleek British frequently offered by way of historians.

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39 Despite having these skills at their disposal, however, fairies were also able to shoot a man dead with an 'elf­ arrow' or relentlessly 'haunt' him until he wasted away. Some cunning folk managed this fairy ambivalence with dexterity. 41 Fairy Belief - Mythology or Matter of Fact? Although it is indisputable that fairy beliefs were found throughout Britain in this period, and that they were taken very seriously by some people, the extent of their scope and influence among the populace as a whole is still a matter of debate among historians.

43 Against these opinions, however, must be set the more reserved views of other, more prominent, historians of the period. In Religion and the Decline of Magic, for exam­ ple, Keith Thomas's brief discussion of fairy beliefs contains contradictory assertions. On the one hand, he claims that 'For many persons fairies thus remained spirits against which they had to guard themselves by some rit­ ual precaution [my italics] , while on the other he concludes that by the Elizabethan age 'fairy lore was primarily a store of mythology rather than a corpus of living beliefs, but it was sometimes still accepted literally at a popular level [my italics] .

Throughout early modern Europe theologians, intellectuals and rulers became increasingly concerned with the subject of witchcraft and the persecution of witches became so intense and obsessive that it has been aptly named the period of the 'witch-craze'. In Britain, as in the rest of Europe, Church and State made no distinction, in theory, between 'white' magic, the magic predominantly associated with cunning folk, and 'black' magic, the magic predominantly associated with malevolent witches. Any kind of magical belief or practice which had not been officially sanctioned by the Church was considered heretical.

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