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By R. M. MacKie (auth.), Dirk J. Ruiter MD, Kees Welvaart MD, Soldano Ferrone MD (eds.)

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In fresh years a lot development has been made in wisdom and realizing of the biology of cutaneous cancer. during this recognize etiological elements, prognostic components, antigen expression of cancer cells, immune reaction and mechanisms of metastasis formation must be pointed out. it's the objective of this publication to provide a evaluate on primary points, prognosis and analysis, and remedy of cutaneous cancer and precursor lesions. additionally, formerly unpublished new info are awarded. A post-graduate Boerhaave direction "Cutaneous cancer and Precursor Lesions" was once held at Leiden college on 12 and thirteen April,. 1984. The complaints are contained during this quantity. The editors want to thank all audio system and chairpersons at the direction, the Boerhaave Committee for its contribution to the corporation of the direction, Upjohn Nederland for its monetary aid and Mrs. I.A. Kruyff for her secretarial suggestions. Dirk Ruiter, Kees Welvaart and Soldano Ferrone, Leiden and Valhalla (NY), June, 1984. VII CONTENTS Preface v Contents VII record of First Authors with Co-Authors XI half I: basic points. The epidemiology of cancer R.M. MACKIE The molecular biology of carcinogenesis nine A.W.M. VAN DER KAMP AND N.G.J. JASPERS 19 Human cancer linked antigens pointed out with monoclonal antibodies: characterization and power medical software P.G. NATALI, R. CAVLIERE, M. MATSUI, G. BURAGGI, L. CALLEGARO, and S. FERRONE mobile and molecular parameters of tumor development in 38 human malignant cancer J. BRUEGGEN, E.B. BROECKER, L. SUTER, okay. REDMANN, and C.

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Cancer Res 39:2618 Lotan R. 1979. Different susceptibilities of human melanoma and breast carcinoma cell lines to retinoic acid-induced growth inhibition. Cancer Res 39:1014 Imai K, Ng AK, Glassy MC, Ferrone S. 1981. Differential effect of interferon on the expression of tumor-associated antigens and histocompatibility antigens on human melanoma cells: relationship to susceptibility to immune lysis mediated by monoclonal antibodies. J Immunol 127: 505 Tveit KM, Fodstad f/J, Johannessen JV, Glsnes S.

Cancer Inst. in press. ~ P, Rehele T, Natali PG, Ferrone S. high molecular weight melanomaa cytoplasmic MAA in surgically patients with melanoma. Cancer 1982. Immunochemical and antibody-defined melanoma Klotz JL, Goto antibody to a human melanoma 42:3142. 37 23. Giacomini P, Ng AK, Kantor RRS, Natali PG, Ferrone $. 1983. Double determinant immLinoassay to measure a human high molecular weight melanoma-associated antigen. Cancer Res. 43:3586. 24. Yeh MY, Hellstrom I, Hellstrom KE. 1981. l melanoma antigen defined by a monoclonal antibody.

8 % v/v), f) PMA/10 m. We could observe up-regulation of antigens in both cell lines ( Fig. 3b, 3e; spot 1) opposite regulation (Fig. 3e, 3f, spot 2) and new induction (Fig. 3e, spot 3). These few examples underline that the response differs on the target cell level against the same agent. It should be possible to define more characteristic markers of A-375 and SK Mel-25 by generating monoclonal antibodies against the most characteristic markers. The results presented here demonstrate that biological response modifiers exert quite different effects on the phenotype of the selected melanoma lines.

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