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By Bei Yu, David Z. Pan

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This ebook introduces readers to the main complex study effects on layout for Manufacturability (DFM) with a number of patterning lithography (MPL) and electron beam lithography (EBL). The authors describe intimately a collection of algorithms/methodologies to unravel concerns in glossy layout for manufacturability issues of complicated lithography. in contrast to books that debate DFM from the product point or actual production point, this ebook describes DFM options from a circuit layout point, such that almost all of the serious difficulties could be formulated and solved via combinatorial algorithms.

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Furthermore, even though our runtime is more than [13], it is still acceptable, not exceeding 6 min for the largest benchmark. In the second experiment, we test our decomposer for density balance. We analyze edge placement error (EPE) using Calibre WORKbench [37] on an industry-strength setup. For analyzing the EPE in our test cases, we used systematic lithography process variation, such as using ranges of focus ˙50 nm and dose ˙5 %. 12, we compare SDP C PM with “SDP C PM C DB,” which is our density balanced decomposer.

To solve the corresponding color assignment through SDP formulation, we construct matrix A as Eq. 7) as follows: 0 1 0 1 1 0:1 1 B 1 0 1 0 1C B C B C A D B 1 1 0 1 0C B C @ 0:1 0 1 0 1 A 1 10 1 0 Note that here, we set ˛ as 0:1. 6), we can get a matrix X as follows: 0 1 1:0 0:5 0:5 1:0 0:5 B 1:0 0:5 0:5 0:5 C B C B C XDB 1:0 0:5 1:0 C B C @ ::: 1:0 0:5 A 1:0 20 2 Layout Decomposition for Triple Patterning Fig. 11 A complex example. (a) Input DG component; (b) color assignment result with 1 conflict a b 1 1 2 2 5 3 5 3 4 4 Here we only list the upper part of the matrix X.

Less EPE). 1 Preliminaries and Problem Formulation Why Balanced Density? In layout decomposition, especially for TPL, density balance should also be considered along with conflict and stitch minimization. A good pattern density balance is also expected to be a consideration in mask CD and registration control [32], while unbalanced density would cause lithography hotspots as well as lowered CD uniformity due to irregular pitches [4]. However, from the algorithmic perspective, achieving a balanced density in TPL is harder than in DPL.

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