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This ebook has been written based on whereas substantial attempt has been made to requests from a few colleagues within the make sure that the insurance is accomplished, it really is earth sciences in numerous elements of the area. no longer unavoidably exhaustive. trendy between those are geologists whose the significance connected to the structural pursuits lie within the fields of isotopic and research of migmatites (and different advanced fiscal geology and who've a particu­ structural institutions) stems from the very fact larly prepared appreciation of the significance to that answer in their structural complexity their paintings of an intensive figuring out of the has this sort of major referring to many features structural relationships in rocks, specially of geology, either educational and monetary. the place such rocks, like migmatites, have an extended Examples of a few of those functions are and sometimes advanced developmental historical past. indexed in bankruptcy 14. really impor­ What those geologists requested for was once a consultant tant elements are that the structural characteris­ to the equipment hired in resolving the struc­ tics so pointed out can be utilized (1) to correlate tural complexity of many times deformed rocks among separated rock devices with similar (i. e. these laid low with 'polyphase' or a number of deformational histories, together with segments deformation), in particular in Precambrian base­ of fragmented supercontinents, and (2) to ment terranes.

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10). On the other hand, stereographic plotting of selective orientation data (Le. 11b). g. the NE diameter in the figure). This diameter corresponds to the vertical plane parallel to the trend and the distribution along it represents the variation in plunge caused by the superimposition of the set on earlier folded surfaces. 4, relating to the 'Variation with time of total structural complexity'. 10 Sketches showing the behaviour of a linear structure (L) in a plane that is folded (FI ) and then refolded (F2 ) together with plots (scatter diagrams) showing the distribution of the linear structure plotted in stereographic projection at different stages and the development of the scatter diagrams from an initial point maximum.

The absence of a continuous rigid rock framework prevented the stress field from producing a pervasive (penetrative) structural pattern throughout the whole rock mass until such time as the neosome was no longer fluid . Noto, southern Finland. 17, where the structural integrity is preserved during anatexis. phenomena. It is this superficially irregular, or 'wild' appearance that has often deterred the geologist from beginning a structural investigation likely to involve a large amount of time. This is in the belief that the outcome will almost certainly be unrewarding, or at best, produce a very poor return in terms of new information.

Svecofennian complex, Kisko, Finland. (b) Random blocks of palaeosome in agmatite. Little remains of the 'pre-agmatite' structural continuity suggested by the disposition of the elongate foliated blocks at upper left, right and lower centre. Sharyzhalgay complex, Lake Baikal, eastern Siberia. (c) Agmatite showing progression from structural (and physical) continuity (foreground) to the condition where, with breakdown of this continuity, palaeosome blocks with random orientation 'float' in a neosome continuum (background).

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