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By Arieh Singer, Emilio Galan

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The purpose of this comprehenvise booklet is to present the most important effects completed within the learn of the clay minerals palygorskite and sepiolite. Palygorskite and sepiolite have came across to be important in an enormous number of commercial and clinical functions. for that reason, examine on those clays has been intensified over the last 20 years, and important advances of their characterization were made. The publication comprises contributions from unusual scientists within the field.Comprehensive therapy of palygorskite and sepioliteCutting-edge developments in business minerals and applicationsWritten by means of distinct scientists within the box

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The tetrahedral sheet, with sixfold rings, is an essential feature in the palygorskite–sepiolite mineral group. Coordinates from Post and Heaney (2008) and Post et al. (2007). Plotting programme ATOMS (Dowty, 2005) was used to create all figures. oxygen atoms of the tetrahedra partially form the coordination unit of the octahedral sheet. Therefore, there is a region of the structure where a channel may form adjacent to the basal oxygen planes between two 2:1 layers, for example, in palygorskite and sepiolite.

A) Unlabelled image with parallel to sub-parallel lattice fringes (montmorillonite) surrounding rectangular blocks arranged in a regular or nearly regular manner (ribbons) in the centre right portion of the image. (B) Enlargement of the transition zone between a region of smectite and a region of polysomes with variable ˚ ngstro¨ms. The image is approximately along the [100]. (C) AFM ribbons widths labelled in A image (height data) of particles dispersed on a mica substrate. Acicular crystals are interpreted as palygorskite with “wing-like” overgrowths of montmorillonite.

Sepiolite and loughlinite in the Green River Formation) and alkalic igneous assemblages. g. lacustrine and perimarine) to high-temperature hydrothermal (agpaitic). For lacustrine environments, palygorskite often forms in salt lakes from detrital material rich in aluminium, whereas sepiolite tends to precipitate further away from shore (Meunier, 2005). g. kalifersite, raite, tuperssuatsiaite) of the group are associated with agpaitic intrusions. These conditions indicate an alkali-rich [(Na þ K)/Al > 1] aqueous environment at near-surface to hydrothermal (< 350  C) temperatures.

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