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The current quantity maintains the philosophy of amassing contributions on diagenesis on behalf of these requiring such periodic literary surveys, specifically, teachers and practitioners (teachers, researchers, and oil and ore explorationists).

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H. V. CHILINGARIAN dependent on the temperature, pH, and Eh conditions during deposition. Organic matter in the biosphere is mainly plant-derived, including the following substance groups: lignin, carbohydrates, proteins, and lipophilic substances. As pointed out by Hollerbach and Dehmer, these lipophilic substances (especially the hydrocarbons and NSO-compounds), when isolated from Recent sediments, provide the organic geochemist with information on (1) the origin of the organic matter present and (2) the depositional environment.

Academic Press, London, pp. 37-54. Ridley, I. , 1988. Gas hydrates keep energy in ice in ocean sediments. , 117 (1601): 53-58. , 1980. Geocryology. , 406 pp. , 1991. Pelagic sediments, seismic rcflectors, and changes in sealevel. W. A. McKenzie and H. Weissert (Editors), Confroversies in Modern Geology - Evolufion of Geological Theories. Academic Press, London, pp. 21 1-230. H. V. , Amsterdam. All rights reserved. 19 Chapter 2 NUCLEATION, GROWTH AND DISSOLUTION OF CRYSTALS DURING SEDIMENTOGENESIS AND DIAGENESIS ICHIRO SUNAGAWA INTRODUCI'ION The purpose of this chapter is to summarize essential points to be considered in analyzing the mineral crystal-growth phenomena in sedimentogenetic, including diagenetic, environments, namely nucleation, growth, dissolution kinetics, morphology, and texture formation.

Fig. 2-2. Desolvation steps and associated energy barrier that solute-solvent complex must overcome before the solule component incorporates into a crystal at a kink. AGDBLis the energy barrier required when solute-solvent complex enters the diffusion boundary layer; A G D ~ A Dwhen ~ , it arrives and gets adsorbed on the interface: AGsD, for surface diffusion; A G K ,when it incorporates at a kink. 26 I . SUNAGAWA The solute-solvent interaction energy, hf, is one of the most important variables in analyzing the mechanism of crystal growth.

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