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By Claude Lecouteux

ISBN-10: 1620553759

ISBN-13: 9781620553756

A accomplished instruction manual of greater than 1,000 magical phrases, words, symbols, and mystery alphabets

• Explains the origins, derivatives, and useful utilization of every be aware, word, and spell in addition to how they are often mixed for customized spells

• in keeping with the mystical traditions of Europe, Greece, and Egypt and lately chanced on different grimoires from Scandinavia, France, and Germany

• contains an in-depth exploration of mystery magical alphabets, together with these in response to Hebrew letters, Kabbalistic symbols, astrological indicators, and runes

From Abracadabra to the now well-known spells of the Harry Potter sequence, magic phrases are not any longer constrained to the practices of pagans, alchemists, witches, and occultists. they've got turn into a part of the preferred mind's eye of the Western global. handed down from historic Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, those phrases and the rituals surrounding them have survived throughout the millennia simply because they paintings. And as pupil Claude Lecouteux finds, usually the extra impenetrable they appear, the more suitable they're.

Analyzing greater than 7,000 spells from the mystical traditions of Europe in addition to the mystical papyri of the Greeks and lately chanced on extraordinary grimoires from Scandinavia, France, and Germany, Lecouteux has compiled a complete dictionary of old magic phrases, words, and spells besides an in-depth exploration--the first in English--of mystery magical alphabets, together with these according to Hebrew letters, Kabbalistic symbols, astrological indicators, and runes. Drawing upon hundreds of thousands of medieval bills and well-known manuscripts corresponding to the Heptameron of Peter Abano, the writer examines the origins of every be aware or spell, delivering targeted directions on their winning use, even if for defense, love, wealth, or therapeutic. He charts their evolution and derivations throughout the centuries, displaying, for instance, how spells that have been as soon as meant to place out fires developed to guard humans from witchcraft. He finds the inherent versatility of magic phrases and the way every one sorcerer or witch had a suite of inventory words they might mix to construct a customized spell for the mystical want handy.

Presenting a wealth of fabric on magical phrases, symptoms, and charms, either universal and imprecise, Lecouteux additionally explores the mystical phrases and spells of historic Scandinavia, the Hispano-Arabic magic of Spain earlier than the Reconquista, the traditions handed down from historic Egypt, and those who have stayed in use till the current day.

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Not as yet canst thou comprehend her glory. Beautiful art thou, O Babylon, and desirable, for thou hast given thyself to everything that liveth, and thy 55 weakness hath subdued their strength. " Therefore art thou called Understanding, O Babylon, Lady of the Night! … And the Angel sayeth: Blessed are the saints, that their blood is mingled in the cup, and can never be separate any more. For Babylon the Beautiful, the Mother of abominations, hath sworn by her holy cteis, whereof every point is a pang, that she will not rest from her adulteries until the blood of everything that liveth is gathered therein, and the wine thereof laid up and matured and consecrated, and worthy to gladden the heart of my Father.

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