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Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of medical and Technical Terms, 6th variation, every one identify offers hundreds of thousands of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a particular self-discipline. All contain:

* Pronunciation advisor for each time period
* Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations
* Appendices with conversion tables; listings of medical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of appropriate facts; and extra
* A handy, quick-find layout

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Bə hı¯иyə ı¯t } baikerite [MINERAL] A waxlike mineral from the vicinity of Lake Baikal, Siberia; apparently about 60% ozocerite with other tarry, waxy, and resinous hydrocarbons. ws bajada [GEOL] An alluvial plain formed as a result of lateral growth of adjacent alluvial fans until they finally coalesce to form a continuous inclined deposit along a mountain front. Also spelled bahada. { bə ha¨dиə } bajada breccia [PETR] An imperfectly stratified accumulation of coarse, angular rock fragments mixed with mud that formed in arid climates and results from a mudflow containing considerable water.

Ro˙iиo¯ } arsenic [MINERAL] A brittle, steel-gray hexagonal mineral, the native form of the element. { a¨rsиənиik } arsenical antimony See allemontite. { ar senиəиkəl antиə mo¯иne¯ } arsenical nickel See niccolite. { ar senиəиkəl nikиəl } arsenic bloom See arsenolite. { a¨rsиənиik blu¨m } arseniopleite [MINERAL] A reddish-brown mineral consisting of a basic arsenate of manganese, calcium, iron, lead, and magnesium and occurring in cleavable masses. { a¨r¦se¯nиe¯иo¯ ple¯ ı¯t } arseniosiderite [MINERAL] Ca3Fe4(AsO4)4(OH)4и 4H2O A yellowish-brown mineral consisting of a basic iron calcium arsenate and occurring as concretions.

A¨rиvədиsə nı¯t } argentite [MINERAL] Ag2S A lustrous, lead-gray ore of silver; it is a monoclinic mineral and is dimorphous with acanthite. Also known as argyrite; silver glance; vitreous silver. ws argentojarosite [MINERAL] AgFe3(SO4)2(OH)6 A yellow or brownish mineral consisting of basic silver ferric sulfate. { a¨r jenиto¯ ja¨rиə sı¯t } Argid [GEOL] A suborder of the soil order Aridisol, well drained, having a characteristically brown or red color and a silicate accumulation below the surface horizon; occupies older land surfaces in deserts.

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