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Cutler et al. (1979a) found that infertility patients reported later first coi­ tal ages than routine gynecological patients in a sample of 792 women. Voluntary abstinence can lead to subfecundity in societies that en­ force long periods of sexual abstinence during pregnancy and lactation. Husbands who seek sexual relations outside marriage not infrequently contract subfecundity-producing diseases, which they may later pass on to their wives (Frank 1983:140; Isely 1980:21). Likewise, too-high or toolow coital frequency can cause subfecundity under certain circum­ stances.

Hence, there are countervail­ ing effects, with subfecundity having both a positive and a negative 20 effect on fertility via the birth control intermediate variable. Subfecundity may also increase or decrease coital frequency. Cou­ ples who have problems conceiving but who are not sterile often in­ crease coital frequency to the level that maximizes fecundity. On the other hand, individuals who suffer from such subfecundity problems as habitual abortion, intermittent or marginal potency, and premature ejac­ ulation may sharply reduce coital frequency in order to lessen anxiety, embarrassment, or the chances of a miscarriage.

Some women have Effect of Subfecundity on Fertility 33 spermal antibodies, and endometriosis, (2) microsurgery to correct ob­ structed sperm ducts, blocked fallopian tubes, and varicocele, and to reverse sterilization, and (3) innovative psychotherapy to remedy psychosexual disorders such as ejaculatory incompetence, premature ejac­ ulation, and anovulatory amenorrhea. There is also in vitro fertilization, a process in which a mature egg is removed from a woman's ovary, fertilized in a glass dish, and transferred to the woman's uterus about 36 hours later.

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