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By Zecharia Sitchin

ISBN-10: 1879181886

ISBN-13: 9781879181885

Explains the hyperlinks among the Bible and old Sumerian texts, probing the age-old query of the connection among humanity and its creators. • demanding situations medical maxims of the root of human lifestyles. • attracts attention-grabbing parallels among the leaders of the Anunnaki (from the twelfth planet) and Yahweh. • A finished new examine the background of guy. • First time on hand in hardcover. In Divine Encounters Zecharia Sitchin attracts on uncomplicated Judeo-Christian texts to investigate the production myths, paralleling Biblical tales to the myths of Sumer and Mesopotamia so one can exhibit that humanity didn't evolve with out tips. Sitchin daringly hypothesizes as a substitute that Enki, one of many leaders of the Anunnaki from the twelfth planet, created humanity as a "primitive worker." additionally, Sitchin means that the extraterrestrial encounters of this present day exhibit the ongoing curiosity of the Anunnaki within the Earthlings they created.

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