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By Shawn MacKenzie

ISBN-10: 0738731234

ISBN-13: 9780738731230

Make no mistake, Dragons are genuine flesh-and-blood creatures. The facinating fact approximately those majestic creatures—how they developed, what they honestly appear like, their awesome impression on humankind, how one can accurately engage with them this day, and why they're loss of life out—is documented during this precise, crucial guide.

From horned forehead to spiky tail, you'll examine clinical evidence on 3 significant Dragon species, together with measurement, vitamin, temperament, and habitat. hint their impression on faith, paintings, literature, and occult reviews. There's assistance on secure Dragon gazing, taking care of an deserted egg, elevating an orphan to adulthood, and dealing magic with Dragons. You'll additionally become aware of how you can shop those clever beasts from extinction.

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