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By Henri Bergson, Edwin E. Slosson

Prior to the sunrise of background mankind was once engaged within the learn of dreaming. The clever guy one of the ancients was once preeminently the interpreter of goals. the facility to interpret effectively or plausibly used to be the fastest highway to royal prefer, as Joseph and Daniel chanced on it to be; failure to offer pride during this appreciate resulted in banishment from court docket or demise. whilst a pupil laboriously interprets a cuneiform pill dug up from a Babylonian mound the place it has lain buried for 5 thousand years or extra, the possibilities are that it'll prove both an astrological treatise or a dream e-book. If the previous, we glance upon it with a few indulgence; if the latter with natural contempt. For we all know that the research of the celebrities, notwithstanding undertaken for egocentric purposes and pursued within the spirit of charlatanry, led at size to actual technological know-how, whereas the research of desires has proved as unprofitable because the dreaming of them. Out of astrology grew astronomy. Out of oneiromancy has grown - nothing.

That at the least used to be considerably actual as much as the start of the current century. Dream books in all languages persisted to promote in reasonable versions and the interpreters of goals made a good or, at any expense, a snug dwelling out of the poorer periods. however the psychologist hardly ever paid cognizance to desires other than by the way in his examine of images, organization and the rate of suggestion. yet now a metamorphosis has come over the spirit of the days. the topic of the importance of desires, goodbye neglected, has unexpectedly turn into an issue of full of life examine and of fiery controversy the realm over.

The explanation for this revival of curiosity is the recent standpoint introduced ahead by means of Professor Bergson within the paper that is right here made obtainable to the English-reading public. this is often the concept we will be able to discover the subconscious substratum of our mentality, the storehouse of our stories, through desires, for those stories are not at all inert, yet have, because it have been, a existence and objective in their personal, and try to upward push into recognition at any time when they get an opportunity, even into the semi-consciousness of a dream. to exploit Professor Bergson's notable metaphor, our thoughts are packed away stressed like steam in a boiler and the dream is their break out valve.

That this can be greater than a trifling metaphor has been proved by way of Professor Freud and others of the Vienna institution, who medication instances of tension by means of inducing the sufferer to provide expression to the key anxieties and feelings which, unknown to him, were preying upon his brain. The clue to those anxious ideas is mostly received in goals or related states of secure recognition. in response to the Freudians a dream regularly skill whatever, yet by no means what apparently to intend. it's symbolic and expresses wishes or fears which we refuse more often than not to confess to awareness, both simply because they're painful or simply because they're repugnant to our ethical nature. A watchman is stationed on the gate of realization to maintain them again, yet occasionally those unwelcome intruders slip prior him in hide.

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Viene este hombre, que come y bebe, y dicen: ¡Vaya un comilón y un borracho, amigo de recaudadores y descreídos! •• (Mt 11, 18-19). Pero el evangelio no nos dice nada del sentido profundo que Jesús le da a la vida. Cuando narran las tentaciones, los evangelistas ponen en labios de Jesús estas palabras inspiradas del Deuteronomio: «No de solo pan vive el hombre, sino también de todo lo que diga Dios por su boca •• (Mt 4, 4). Hay en ello un recuerdo auténtico de la imagen que Jesús les había dejado: la de un hombre en la línea de los verdaderos creyentes de la biblia, para quien la verdadera vida consistía en estar en comunión con Dios: «Para mí es alimento cumplir el designio del que me envIO y llevar a cabo su obra» (Jn 4, 34) Entonces el SilencIO de Jesus sobre sus «Situaciones de animo» es el signo del desprendimiento de Jesus respecto a SI mismo, su vida es esencIa/mente su mIsIon Hombre de deseos Impregnados de DIOS, es al mismo tiempo el hombre de la fraternidad para con todos sus hermanos EL ACERCARSE DE LA MUERTE Desde que Jesus entra en su vida publica, la perspectiva de la muerte violenta entra dentro de sus calculos de probabilidad Para ello no es necesariO prestarle un conOCimiento sobrehumano del futuro la opclon por un meSianismo contra comente de las IlUSIOnes populares la denuncia de la hlpocresla de los lideres judlos, la amenaza de los motines publlcos todo esto constltUla para Jesus una advertencia muy clara de los riesgos que corna He aqUl algunos pasajes que aportan un poco de luz sobre la actftUQ de Jesus ante los peligros Mc 14, 6-8 DeJadla, t-por que la molestals?

El texto que nos interesa especialmente es Dan 12, 1-4: 4 Este recuerdo quedará grabado en la memoria de Israel con la fiesta de 1" Dedicación (o Hanukhah) que celebra la pUrificación del templo profanado po, Antíoco Este texto es considerado como «una de las revelaciones más esenciales del Antiguo Testamento y la Entonces se levantará Miguel, el arcángel que se ocupa de tu pueblo: serán tiempos dificiles, como no los ha habido desde que hubo naciones hasta ahora. Entonces se salvará tu pueblo: todos los inscritos en el libro.

Algunos creen que no anuncia más que una resurrección selectiva de la que sólo gozarán los mártires que han muerto por su fe y los creyentes que vivan cuando tenga lugar esa resurrección. Lo esencial es que con Daniel abandonamos el uso metafórico de la palabra «resurrección» (utilizada hasta entonces para describir la curación de un enfermo o la restauración de Israel). La cuestión de la retribución ha obtenido una respuesta: el Dios todopoderoso y justo librará a sus mártires del sheol para darles una recompensa que no acabe.

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