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By Roger P. Maickel (auth.), Eric Reid, Ian D. Wilson (eds.)

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For lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), confirmation relies on RIA. If positive, HPLC may be performed, with collection of fractions to be analyzed again by RIA; positive results should be obtained in fractions corresponding to the retention volume of LSD [8]. Acidic drugs can be identified in blood specimens using HPLC or GC. ), and mix; - apply to Extrelut column, leave 2 min, and elute with 2 ml of dichloromethane; evaporate to dryness; - reconstitute in 25 ~l dichloromethane, and apply 3 ~l to the GC column.

2H7 VPA (VPA-D-4; III) for pharmacokinetic studies, and [2H 7 ]VPA (VPA-D-7; IV) as i. s. for MS-CI. E. von Unruh et al. [A-3 gave more interferences with this type of label. s. (Fig. ] 3. Which isotope should serve as the label ? The elemental formula indicates which isotopes can be used. As every organic molecule contains hydrogen and carbon, deuterium (2H) and 13 C may serve as examples; the arguments for or against 15N, 170, 180 and other isotopes are similar. Deuterium is always the first choice.

1977) 1. Forensic Sci. Soc. 17, 189-194. 15. Dunnett, N. & Ashton, P. ), Croom Helm, London, pp. 272-278. 16. , von Meyer, 1. & Drasch, G. ), University of Thessaloniki, Greece, pp. 376-382. 1. E. von Unruh, M. J. Dengler Medizinische Universitatsklinik Bonn Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25 D-5300 Bonn 1, W. (1) Stable isotope dilution: 'analytical' internal standard. (2) Administration of labelled drug alone. (3) Co-administration of unlabelled and labelled forms of a drug - 'biological' internal standard.

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