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By N.N. Bogolubov, Anatoly A. Logunov, A.I. Oksak, I. Todorov

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Nearly all of the "memorable" result of relativistic quantum idea have been got in the framework of the neighborhood quantum box method. the reason of the fundamental rules of the neighborhood idea and its mathematical constitution has left its mark on all sleek task during this quarter. initially, the axiomatic method arose from makes an attempt to provide a mathematical intending to the quantum box idea of sturdy interactions (of Yukawa type). The fields in this sort of idea are discovered by means of operators in Hilbert area with a favorable Poincare-invariant scalar product. This "classical" a part of the axiomatic process attained its glossy shape way back to the sixties. * It has retained its value even to at the present time, although these days the most clients for the outline of the electro-weak and robust interactions are in reference to the idea of gauge fields. actually, from the viewpoint of the quark version, the idea of robust interactions of Wightman style was once got through proscribing cognizance to simply the "physical" neighborhood operators (such as hadronic fields which includes ''fundamental'' quark fields) appearing in a Hilbert house of actual states. In precept, there are adequate such "physical" fields for an outline of hadronic physics, even if which means one needs to reject the normal neighborhood Lagrangian formalism. (The connection is restored within the approximation of low-energy "phe­ nomenological" Lagrangians.

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15 small? Chapter 2 What is the surface integral of a cube as the cube gets infinitely that the normal vector is the same as the k vector. For this surface by itself, the flux is then S F · k dS . 32) If F is a vector function, its dot product with k eliminates the i and j parts (since i · k = j · k = 0; recall that the dot product a · b = |a||b| cos θ, where |a| represents the magnitude of vector a) and only the z component of F remains. Thus, the integral above is simply S Fz dS . 33) If we assume that the function Fz has some average value on that top surface, then the flux is simply that average value times the area of the First Equation of Electrodynamics 37 surface, which we will propose is equal to ∆x · ∆y.

The derivative involved can be a change with respect to a spatial variable. This allows us to determine line integrals with respect to space as well as time. Suppose that the function for the path P is a vector. For example, consider a circle C in the (x, y) plane having radius r. Its vector function is C = r cos θi + r sin θj + 0k (see Fig. 12), which is a function of the variable θ, the angle from the positive x axis. ; that is, what is the path length as θ goes from 0 to 2π, the radian measure of the central angle of a circle?

7 and are reshowing in Fig. 16. It has a constant divergence of 2 (easily verified), indicating a constant “spreading out” over the plane. 52) whose divergence is 2x, the vectors grow farther and farther apart as x increases (see Fig. 17). 5 Maxwell’s First Equation If two electric charges were placed in space near each other, as shown in Fig. 18, there would be a force of attraction between the two charges; the charge on the left would exert a force on the charge on the right, and vice versa. 53) where q1 and q2 are the magnitudes of the charges (in elementary units, where the elementary unit is equal to the charge on the electron), and r is the scalar distance between the two charges.

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